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Sino-Song Collection

"The Sino-Song" High-End Jewelry Collection illustrates two themes – “Elegance of Song Poems” and “Ethos of Song Paintings”, carrying elements of Chinese culture embodied in Song and drawing inspiration from poems, paintings and porcelain art in the Song Dynasties. The collection is a reintegration of traditional culture in Song that pays homage to the modern, elegant Oriental spirit while bringing a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Falling Rain

This style has been designed with inspiration from Like a Dream, a classic from poet Li Qingzhao. The designer has focused on the feelings and imagery evoked by the verse “raining sparsely with fierce wind the night before” to create pieces that inspire images of raindrops – represented by none other than the finest of diamonds – falling from the eaves. The piece pays its respects to a poet that has perfectly integrated elements of nature and human architecture. The design is full of grace and imagination.

Jade Spring Vase

The Jade Spring Vase, a symbol of pure friendship, was a prime example of traditional porcelain ware in the Northern Song, and was named after Su Shi’s verse, “the jade vase knows first the coming of spring as it has a pure heart.” The stylist has taken the figure of the vase of Ge Kiln and paired it with unique patterns of cooling cracks to show the beauty in imperfections.